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Regular Church Attendance Supports Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Health

If you haven't been to a church in Sebring FL for a while, strongly consider attending a worship service at your next opportunity. Research shows that regular church attendance is good for people in several different ways. In addition to strengthening your relationship with God, you'll reap other benefits as well.

What Healthier Effects Are Connected With Church Attendance?

Attending church regularly has a positive impact on healthy behavior. Research from the Human Population Laboratory in California shows that people who do so generally:

drink less alcohol
are nonsmokers
get more exercise
have stable marital relationships
have numerous fulfilling friendships

It's not just that people who behave this way are more inclined to go to church, although that probably is a factor as well. However, the scientists determined that individuals who engage in more socially, emotionally and physically unhealthy activities begin doing so less once they become involved in a church.

This study also found regular churchgoers to have healthier blood pressure levels, stronger immune systems and fewer instances of emotional problems such as depression and anxiety.

Why Does This Happen?

It's not entirely clear why people who attend church regularly gain all these positive effects. A solid relationship with the Lord can provide calm and confidence to navigate life's troubles. Being involved in a church brings the advantages of close friendships and Christian fellowship with people who tend to have more healthy lifestyles. Their influence can be motivating. Another aspect is the tendency to do volunteer work. Helping other people, as Jesus encouraged everyone to do, is rewarding spiritually and psychologically.

What Can You Do Now?

If you don't belong to any of the churches in sebring fl, you might begin with one such as the First United Methodist Church. There, you'll find a welcoming congregation and a place where you can be fulfilled spiritually. You won't experience any pressure to join. Instead, you can visit as often as you like before making that important decision. You can attend Bible study and social events as well as worship services, and begin to feel truly at home in this house of God.


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